Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Home, sweet home.

Getting up at 4am on 3 hours of sleep is pretty amazing, but even more amazing is that I'm still awake right now, about 24 hours later.

But anyway, I arrived safely!! Absolutely no problems, even with my broken suitcase. I definitely recommend AAA Taxi service to anyone traveling in Prague. They were punctual, good drivers, and very polite.

I was pretty sad as my flight took off to leave for Milan this morning, and I did cry like a sap (big surprise). But by the time I overheard a local with a wicked accent explaining "The Curse" to two Alitalia flight attendants on my flight to Boston, I was excited to return home. I caught myself saying dobre den and prosim to the people at Logan-- awesome.

Time for reality to kick in. My cell phone is turned back on, so call away :)

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