Saturday, July 14, 2007

When one door closes...

Today is my last day in Prague. I take a cab tomorrow at 4:45am to the airport, and my flight leaves at 7:20am. I return to Boston at 1:15pm.

I spent yesterday souvenier shopping and wandering around Charles Bridge.

Chris had the awesome idea of having all of us take a boat ride on the Vltava River, and for 200k ($10), it seemed like a deal. The trip was about an hour long, and it felt SO good to be on the water, even if it was small water :) I really felt like I've seen just about everything here that I wanted to see, so it was nice to see Prague from the river's point of view.

Tonight, the Emerson stragglers are all going to see Svankmajer's FAUST (another film one of our FAMU professors starred in) at the outdoor theatre on Strelecky ("Shooter's") Island, in the middle of the Vltava River. You can read more about the summer screenings here:
The film will be a great way to say goodbye and pay homage to Prague, FAMU, and Czech culture. By the time we get back tonight, hopefully we'll all be wiped out so we can get a partial night of sleep!

I might also try to get over to the planetarium at Petrin Hill, and of course, take some last minute photos. Besides that, I don't have anything to crazy planned for the day, except for getting some last minute gifts and attempting to cram everything in my already-stuffed suitcase. The handle on it broke on the way back from Karlovy Vary, so it can't really be wheeled anymore. I tied a ribbon around the handle... it's going to be interesting to see how I get it out of here at 4:45am without waking the building and throwing out my back. Really, though, if I can just get it to the Prague airport, that's all I need to worry about. Ryan can carry it when I get back to Boston ;)

What I'll miss the most:
The city, the buildings, the locals, Petrin Hill, Ladronka Park, Mala Strana, Letna Park, seeing the Castle everyday, FAMU, Narodni Divadlo, the river, the Tram, the cheap beer, Tesco, all the dogs, the sunsets, the weather, the amazing tap water, clean air, Kinder Joy chocolates, wafers, and hazelnut yogurt.

What I won't miss so much:
Cold showers, no AC, cigarette smoke everywhere, lack of wireless Internet, meat-laden dishes (I swear I'll be veg when I go home!), pickpocketers, and crowded streets (though we have plenty of them back home!).

I have so much to do when I get back to Boston, that I'm hoping I'll be too busy to get sad over not living here anymore. When I return on Monday, I plan on attending the memorial services for Mr. Butch, the unofficial icon of Allston, who was killed last week in a scooter accident. Mr. Butch was a definitely perk of living in my area, and he served as part of Allstonian's daily routines-- you either saw him in the morning, or at night when you were coming home. He always hung out on the corner of Comm and Harvard Ave., sometimes playing guitar, sometimes just yelling at people in general. He shouted at me a few times, but sadly, we never had any direct interaction. The last time I saw him was right before I left for Prague-- some Sox fan was buying him a beer at Marty's Liquors. You can read more about Mr. Butch here-- yes, he has his own Wikipedia page:

At the end of the week, I'm picking up some hours at the ELC, teaching English to a group of 14-17 year-old international students. I hope some of them are Czech! That would be so much fun.

I also have to go see Sicko immediately! And purchase Interpol's newest album. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday (eeeek!), and I have to schedule a dentist appointment. I also need to schedule hours at the DPL in an attempt to pay off some of the debt this trip has put me in! On Saturday, somehow I plan to get to NYC to the beer garden in Astoria, to visit with G and Sean (who leaves for a year-long trip to Japan), and to reunite with Mel, Zach, and Dan.

I have two internships to help with for the rest of the summer, as well as a christening video for my cousin, a final cut of An Inch Without Asphalt to submit before the screening, help shoot some footage in Maine for a surfing documentary, and I definitely need to get cracking on Hallelujah the Hill's rockumentary. They've just returned from an East Coast tour, and are quickly rising to indie stardom. They're album, Collective Psychosis Begone, was released just a few days before I left, and it's been receiving rave reviews since. You can read about it on Pitchfork Media (where they scored a 7.0!!):

Being as pale as I am this summer, I have to get to the beach. I have a trip to the Cape for my/Ryan's birthday, and Hog Island for the following week. And, I need to run!! Lots!! And lose the Pilsner pudge!

My mom is visiting in August, and hopefully I can get some friends up as well, and somehow get to Stamford for a day or two, with a stop to Stratford to visit my gram.

Somewhere along the lines, I have to write the Czech Film History paper-- eeeek! I'll wait until just before school starts on that one :)

Finally, I have to start planning for my master's project, Happy Hunting, my documentary about happiness. I have created a blog for the film, but haven't had the time to post any footage, so the site is still under construction for now. Many of you might have already received my email survey about happiness-- thanks so much for your feedback. I'll be sure to send the site to everyone once it's up and running.

I really don't know how I'll get everything done this summer.

I'm really going to miss this place.

I just want to thank all of you for visiting this blog, and for your encouraging comments, emails, and phone calls. An even greater thanks to my roommate here, Leah, who was so extremely generous in lending me her laptop night after night, so I could create this blog. She was also played a huge part in helping me get adjusted here, and always provided emotional (and chocolate!) support.

Although I've been pretty wordy in this entire blog, I find it really hard to come up with the words to express how much I love this place, and how appreciative I am for the history and culture that gives this city its vibrant life. The Czechs whom I met were more than kind, and always extremely helpful to this "stupid American girl" :) I am so happy and proud of myself for taking this trip and finally getting to explore another country, even though it took me a quarter century. Though the door here is closing for now, I hope that this journey will open endless doors to other adventures in my life, with a return Prague included.

Na shledanou, Praha! Dekuji vam.

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